Tips before Migrating from Windows to Mac

If you are thinking about moving your operating system, here are some tips to keep in mind before giving the step.


Tips for Moving from Windows to OS X

Beyond the motives, it is never easy to move to a different operating system, but if you are determined to do so we have some useful tips before moving from Windows to Mac without feeling any remorse.

If after a long meditation with the pillow you finally decided to make the big change, we can anticipate that the Apple systems are an excellent complement to work with much comfort and ease, and although it will take a little getting used to the commands of keys and the Native programs of OS X, with these tips you can be informed with everything you should know before moving from Windows to Mac. That said, Hands on!

Getting Started to Migrate from Windows to Mac

The first step we must take is to change computers. In that sense, the Cupertino Company’s teams standout for their aesthetic and functional finish, with the characteristic stamp of the bite apple that projects an image of professionalism in the market.

The big challenge that we must face are the differences in the functionality of the software. Although Windows operating systems are characterized by their static versions (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10), in the case of Apple the situation changes considerably. Since the first Kodiak release, launched in September 2000, Mac systems have been renewing their operating interface with new updates that are made more frequently. We are practically talking about a new version every year, so make sure you have the latest update to enjoy an optimal experience.

Be very careful if you are buying a computer with an outdated version, chances are that that computer ends up being a nuisance in terms of performance and productivity.

Some software differences between Windows and Macintosh

Another essential aspect you need to know before migrating from Windows to Mac has to do with software differences. While in Windows we are used to using the notebook to remove the formatting to the texts that we copy of Internet, or to click on the button to open the most recent programs and documents; In Mac OS X there is a substantial change over the distribution of desktop elements.

There is no Start button, there is no recent list of programs (unless you manually include them in the dock at the bottom of the screen), and media playback can be done in the background.

But possibly the most radical change is in navigation from the keyboard. For example, the command key performs the same function as the Windows Ctrl key. In the case of Mac, there is no key to activate the Start button, but we can use the command key to activate the main combinations we make to copy, cut, or paste text.

You should also forget the ALT + F4 key commands to close a window, because on Mac they perform a different function. With the full range of F keys you can change lighting levels, lower or increase system volume, among other options.

The transition from Windows to Mac does not have to be a frustrating experience. With patience and much curiosity it is possible to adapt to the style of OS X in a couple of days.

“The big challenge we must face when migrating from Windows to OS X is the differences in software functionality.”

“Beware if you’re going to buy a Mac with an OS version outdated, chances are that that computer will end up being a nuisance in terms of performance and productivity.”


Tips for Charging the Battery Faster

Do you have little time and need to charge your mobile in a few minutes? Then keep these helpful tips in mind.

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How to charge the mobile faster

You fell asleep, you must leave the house, but first you need to charge the mobile fast. We can help you. Just consider these tips to make loads faster, more effective, and also some useful tips to optimize the use of your battery.

Optimizes battery usage

In a few minutes we’ll talk about how to charge the mobile faster and more efficiently. But before, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions to optimize the use of the battery, reducing the number of recharges.

A good tip is to turn off the applications that you are not using, from the configuration of your mobile or the app in question. Make sure to turn off, for example, maps, weather readers, GPS and even Wi-Fi if you’re going to be on the street, using data or offline for now. Your mobile will stop looking for signals, give you notifications and have activity and, therefore, reduce battery consumption.

He also uses the mobile efficiently. If you are taking photos or shooting, turn on the camera to capture, rather than keeping it on while chatting with someone or looking for your shot. Remember: every tool that you start up will be consuming battery, and you need to reduce the consumption!

Tips to charge the mobile faster

Some devices recommend charging only once the battery has been fully consumed, to optimize the action. But we know that no one wants to leave home with an 8% battery. In these cases, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use the right charger for your mobile phone and not a generic or other brand
  • Use a “wall” charger whenever you can, and leave the USB charges only for cases of need
  • Turn off communications: if you put your phone in airplane mode you will reduce battery consumption, and thus recharge faster
  • Turn off apps to avoid battery consumption while charging
  • Consider turning off your mobile during charges for which you have only a few minutes.
  • Take the mobile out of its case, and remove the casing that covers the battery.Thus, the mobile will have less temperature and will optimize the recharge, besides taking care of the battery and the equipment in the long term.

“Remember: every tool that you start up will be consuming battery, and you need to reduce the consumption!”

Portable chargers

Let’s talk a few minutes about the portable chargers. These are small devices that are loaded and carried wherever you go, in the car, in your bag, or that you can leave in the locker of the gym, in your office or wherever. These gadgets can be useful when, despite having applied all these tips, your battery has been overdone, and you are waiting for that important call or you should drive home.

On the other hand, there are alternatives to keep in mind if you need to charge the battery away from home. In some cities, charging points have been implemented: cables and connectors of different devices available to citizens and free of charge. Also many stores, especially fast food stores, offer this service by promoting their sales. And, finally, consider carrying an extra charger in your bag, or one for the car that connects to the car’s USB port, or the cigarette lighter connector on the previous models. These can be extremely useful when you need to charge the mobile fast and on the fly, without disturbing you when taking them with you.

7 cto know if a Person is Fake

If you are looking for a way to detect fake people, then this note is just what you need. Pay attention to these signs and stay alert in all areas of your life.

How is a False Person?

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If we look at our past we will surely see that if we had only learned to know if a person is false, we would have avoided maltreatment, discomfort, perhaps discussions and even losses. These beings are everywhere: at work, at school, at the gym, and sometimes even within our own social and family circles, or even can be our “Friends. “Therefore, learning some effective ways to detect them can save us those bad” investments “of our time.

Pay attention to the following behaviors to identify false people, sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious, and take them into account in all your relationships.

7 signs to recognize a false person

It is well known that in the workplace often intentions are somewhat hidden, and that we cannot blindly trust others: it is a race we all want to win. But you may also notice these behaviors in people from other areas, where the falsehood has no intention of professional advancement but responds to a personal question. Pay attention to these signals and then do a deeper analysis:

  1. Confrontation: Genuine people generally pay attention to the point of view of others, and may or may not agree.In all cases, they will clearly state their position.On the other hand, false people rarely disagree (or, at least, do not express themselves in such a way), and even when there are two opposing views in the same conversation.
  2. Respect: Genuine beings may try to avoid contact with those who are not to their liking; however, they will act with respect to others, while false people only act with respect to those they consider to be powerful.That is to say, they act with disdain with the waiter who serves them the coffee, or with the apprentice of his office, but they are attentive with their supervisor, and even change their approach when the chief arrives.
  3. The need for attention: Genuine people do not seek to please everyone or, in such a case, do not take great pains to pretend to be “friends of all”.False people, on the other hand, try to please everyone present, even if after the meeting they speak ill of those same people whom they tried to please in the beginning.In addition, in any area they will do their best to attract attention, either speaking in a slightly louder voice than necessary, laughing out loud, or in any way.
  4. Vanity: False people often boast about everything they are, what they have and what they achieve (large or small), and they comment on a story in which they are always the protagonists of the story.Even when they speak of something happened to another person, they relate the facts in a way in which everything has been thanks to them.

“The false person acts with disdain with the waiter who serves them the coffee, but is attentive to his supervisor, and even changes his focus when the boss arrives.”

  1. Talking: Genuine people, as we have seen, are often expressed clearly, whether in pleasure or dislike, while the false ones tend to try to please everyone, and as soon as the meeting ends, they take the opportunity to speak ill of the absent.
  2. Promises: An easy way to tell if a person is false is to pay attention to his words, especially when they speak with a view to the future: while the genuine can present projects and plans, the false ones generally focus only on the Plans, in the goals they promise to fulfill, and perhaps somewhat exaggerated.A clear example is that of political campaigns at election times: while a “genuine” candidate will propose a 1% economic growth target in one season, the false promise of 10% growth at the same time, an impossible promise To fulfill, with total disregard for the value of his own promise.
  3. Generosity: Finally, another way to recognize the false people is to pay attention to their acts of solidarity, generosity and kindness.Just as the phony does not work hard to treat those he considers “beneath” with respect, he will not be generous to others unless he has a hidden agenda.”I help you in what you ask of me, but after you help me with this work report.”

Pay attention to these behaviors and, analyze what the true intentions of that colleague or that co-worker. Knowing how to deal with fake people can be simpler than you think, just by analyzing your behaviors in each area of ​​interaction.

“False people seek to please all those present, even if after the meeting they speak ill of those same people whom they tried to please in the beginning.”

How to Deal with Aggressive People

Discover some tips to control an aggressive or impulsive person. Avoid violent behaviors by knowing what to do.


How to Control Aggressive People

Learning to deal with an aggressive person is a necessary resource for business and labor negotiations, but also a tool that you can use on a day to day basis. In this article we tell you some useful tips that you will surely want to consider when you need to talk to these people impulsive, angry, without entering into discussions and achieving efficiency in your communication.

Main thing, stay calm

When interacting with aggressive people, the first thing is to remain calm. Nothing will get you angry, too, let alone let your emotions take control. Take a deep breath and do your best to maintain a neutral position, away from anger, pride, tears and any other emotion that impedes your expression.

On the other hand, he understands that they can be so, of an angry nature, but also that they are being victims of an agonizing situation in their lives. Do not categorize someone you just meet for this behavior, and always keep in mind that the anger you are expressing may not be due to the exchange with you, but rather an expression of your emotions from another, poorly worked field of course. Of course: not to understand this means that you should let yourself be treated badly, but you need to apply the following tips.

What to do with an aggressive person?

Consider these tips to control people impulsive and aggressive:

Take care of what you say. Choose your words well. Maintain respect and emotional neutrality. To put it some way: do not give him ammunition to feel attacked and respond with more violence.

Ask him a question. If you notice that a person is raising their anger level, ask a question to get them out of context. You can check the time, date, if you know if it will rain that day, and even a little lie like ” is a cell phone, will it be yours? “. This will divert your attention and may give you the opportunity to slow down your violent emotions.

Stay close, but not too much. If you are standing, stand erect in front of him or her, neither too close nor too far. If you are sitting, for example at a meeting, a good trick is to sit in the seat next: this prevents stay on his line of sight, and will help to avoid their attacks.

Look into his eyes. Not intimidatingly, but keep your eyes instead of looking at the floor or the wall. This will show that they are at the same “height” when speaking, and prevents you from considering yourself a submissive person, which can give you even more “power” to continue your aggressiveness.

Do not raise your voice. In addition to keeping you calm, without letting your emotions control you, also maintain a calm, rather low voice in volume. This forces the aggressive person to lower his / her own tone of voice or at least invites him / her to it.

Do not make contact. Avoid physical contact as much as possible. The people aggressive in their words can easily spend a violent emotional state that endorses to show physical attacks. Even if you are a loved one, avoid contact until he or she does not initiate or clearly demonstrate that intention, for example, when you hold her or when she reaches out to greet you.

Use your name. When dealing with an emotionally violent person, use his name when speaking to him, even if you regularly mention him with his last name or a nickname. This will give formality to your words, and will contextualize the situation in seriousness and in a personal way.

We can all stop the violence

Emotionally violent situations may seem like everyday things. That co-worker who uses aggressive vocabulary will soon be able to unleash his emotions, and he will grow the problem into dangerous levels. Always, at all times, keep in mind that we must all recognize and act in cases of violence.

“To control an aggressive person, ask her a question to get her out of context. Check her time, date, or anything else that distracts her.”

And please, if you or someone you know is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse; do not hesitate to contact the authorities for help. Controlling aggressive people is an urgent matter, which we must attend to each and every one of us.

6 Tips for Having a Simple Life

If you are looking for a simple life you do not need to give up everything or move to Tibet: just apply these realistic advises. Stop making excuses and put them into practice today!


A Simple and Happy Life: Is It Possible?

In these accelerated times, with stress , with social obligations and mandates, we propose to put into practice concrete actions to have a simple life and to recover the enjoyment by the day to day, appreciating the reality as it is, and not according to “what should be”.

We are constantly bombarded by images that tell us that “to be successful we have to have a lot of money”, or “to be beautiful we have to have a sculptural body”. It would seem that the values ​​that define our humanity are measured in numbers: the money in your bank account, the surface of your home, the centimeters of your waist and so many more. But that is quantifying rather than qualifying!

Success and happiness depend exclusively on each person, and much can be done to enjoy the simple things of life and be happy.

6 Ways to Have a Simple Life

These tips are extremely effective; however, you should follow them with full faith, and with as much dedication as you can. It will only depend on you to put them into practice and actually activate them in your life. We recommend the following:

  1. Abandon Your Negative Beliefs: You deserve happiness and well-being just as much as any other person.You are not ‘cursed’ nor do you have witchcraft or a religious mandate that prevents you from enjoying a minimalist and happy life.But first, you have to think positive and feel from your own point of view, to know which way to take, the one that leads you to well-being. Everything can go well; you just have to stop imagining otherwise.
  2. Connecting with reality: What you see on TV, on the internet, on your mobile and in newspapers is not always as real as what surrounds you.If you spend your day watching social networks, you will only see what others want you to see: your best day, your best vacation trip, your best photo, and not unhappy situations.This only creates in you a false belief that “all others are marvelously in their lives,” while you stand there still and with regret. That is not true!. Instead of seeing the walls of your friends , spend time sharing a cup of coffee and a sincere talk, and you will see that we are all human with regrets and joys, although it is easy to overlook them often.
  3. Talk less: This is very difficult, but very satisfactory.Tosimplify life spend at least one day a week talking as little as you can. This will force you to listen more and also will force you to choose the words you use, reducing their amount. The more restricted we are in talking, the less likely we are to “waste” that resource on pessimism, lies, or words devoid of content. Making your life simpler begins by simplifying your communications!
  4. Socialize just for pleasure: There are many events of the labor plane that we must attend almost by obligation.So, with regard to the social, we suggest you just surround yourself with those who make you happy, and attend only meetings that give you well-being (be it for who they are or for the people who will attend).If you do not really want to go to a site by commitment, avoid doing so (as long as you are not guilty then, or consequences on other planes). It also reduces your neutral commitments, and seeks to spend time alone or with those who give you true happiness.
  5. Pay off your debts: Finance is not the great achievement in these times and, although culture wants to convince us that having money is synonymous with being happy, the truth is that bills and coins are just a resource: not a good , Nor an evil in itself.To make your life simpler, organize your finances, classify your income and your mandatory expenses, and pay off as many debts per month as you can. Avoid getting new ones, buying only what you need (for a few months at least). Having well-organized finances will give you a lot of peace of mind.
  6. Empty your home: In these times we are too attached to material goods.Now: we do not suggest that you leave your entire home empty, but get rid of what no longer has a function in your life.Start one room at a time, emptying closets, furniture and guard areas. Classify each element, discarding what no longer serves and giving away what you no longer use, or simply what does not give you happiness. Clean the room and return only what you decide to keep because it brings well-being to your existence. Next week, repeat the homework with the next home stay.

Set realistic, quantifiable and achievable goals in your life, and implement at least one of these ideas per week to make your life simpler in less time than you think.

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