Samsung to recycle Galaxy Note 7 materials

150 tons of metals like copper and gold will be recovered


The Galaxy Note 7 continues to talk. The device, which was launched in the middle of last year, was discontinued a few months later because of continued user complaints that lithium batteries exploded or were incinerated.

Now, as the South Korean company prepares to launch the Galaxy Note 8, with which it aims to regain its credibility, it seems to have found another way to clear its name.

The company announced in a press release that all Note 7 that were discarded after the cancellation of its production will go through a recycling process. This process is expected to extract about 150 tons of rare metals such as copper, cobalt and gold. In addition, OLED displays, internal components, memories and camera modules will be recycled.

Samsung is not the only company that has taken seriously the reduction of environmental impact by applying this modality in its production chains. In fact, according to the Engadget site, these measures are expected to be completely normal in the coming years.

How Uber Works

In this article we explain to you what Uber is, what are its main advantages, disadvantages, and why it causes such a stir around the world.

Operation of Uber

Want to know more details about what Uber is and how it works? So this note is just what you need. Here we will see a little about the history of this transport system, what is the methodology of its operation, what you need to do to take advantage of this service and also what are the criticisms, fears, and answers to the most common questions about this New concept of transfers. Keep reading!

What is Uber?

Uber defines itself on its website as a taxi system (or passenger transport) more secure than conventional. Born from the concept of carpooling (or “car sharing “), a private driver, with his private car, works for a few hours a day as a driver passenger transport, through a web platform where all relevant information is recorded. In this way, citizens travel with other citizens, allowing lower rates than those of transport companies, and providing an extra source of income for vehicle owners.

Uber was invented in San Francisco (United States) and, in a few months, expanded to the whole world. Today it operates in more than 550 cities, but despite the convenience of its services, there is a lot of hype about its legality, and it has even been banned in some places.

Why do not they want Uber?

With thousands of satisfied users worldwide, the company and service faces legal restrictions, prohibitions, and criticism from many detractors. On the one hand, drivers and owners of passenger transport companies clearly disregard Uber’s legality, stating that drivers are not professionals , so they are not qualified to carry passengers or have regular analyzes that certify their capabilities and safety in driving.

On the other hand, some users also claim that cars are not always in the best conditions, that drivers may be reckless, or that the service has not had the distinctive features that are sought from the service (like music to choice, air conditioning , Fresh drinks and sandwiches).

For its part, Uber claims to make a thorough analysis of potential drivers who register, as well as request reviews of cars by public entities.

How Uber Works

Uber works through the Internet, either on your computer or on your mobile, by downloading the application. When you request a trip you must fix your location on the map, and you will see what cars are near your location, to choose the most profitable for you.

To use the service you need to register in the app, creating an account with username, password, and choose a payment method (which you can then modify, according to your possibilities). Payments change in the different cities where the service operates, although most accept cash, credit card, debit and PayPal account, among others (including gift cards and coupons). Most drivers are trained to issue electronic tickets, and you can obtain travel and payment certification on the website.

Once you choose the vehicle you want (you can even ask for a specific driver), determine the destination so that the driver already knows, and also to know the estimated price of your trip and verify that you can afford it. It also allows you to choose the type of car, depending on whether you need a compact, larger size for more passengers, and even a high-end, or if you are willing to share your trip with other passengers that go to your same address. Finally, you await your arrival.

A safety advice is to ask the driver of Uber what the name of your passenger is looking for, to verify that it is the vehicle you requested, although before you can see on the screen the photograph, the name, the type of car, the license plate. License (patent) and its qualification; this detail can help you choose.

When you arrive at your destination mark the end of the trip in your app, and qualify your driver so that future passengers know about it, making the service more transparent. In addition, the driver can also qualify you, so if you are a bad passenger, future drivers of Uber may reject your requests.

Now that you know what Uber is and how to use it, it only remains to verify that the service is available in your city, and check for its operation.

“Uber allows a private driver, with his private car, to work a few hours as a passenger transport driver, through a web platform where all pertinent information is recorded.”

How to Change the Color of Facebook

Are you bored with so much blue? Learn to change the design of this social network and be the envy of all with a unique and very original screen.

FB Color Changer

Facebook Design Change Extensions

If the traditional blue and white screen no longer has any emotion for you, here we teach you to change the design and color of Facebook to have a much more pleasant experience, and an extremely original display!

While this methodology is also available for other browsers, in this note we delve into a free extension that applies to one of the most used in the world: Google Chrome. Like all extensions you can get it in the official store (Chrome Web Store). This is Facebook Flat; you will find it using the shop finder or by entering this link. To install it, simply click on the blue “Add to Chrome “button.

What is it for?

Thanks to this app, you cannot only change the design of Facebook, but also eliminate the ads and the site will load more fluidly.

In addition, a main menu or control panel will be enabled to the left of the screen to have easy access to the main sections of your profile or page, such as Friends, Messages, Photos, Videos, I like, Groups and many more. In addition, there will be a better readability of your own content and friends, expanding the screen size available for these publications. The extension includes several languages ​​(up to 44 different languages ​​in version 3.7 onwards).

To use it, once installed you must restart Chrome and access your profile. Remember that you should wait for the confirmation message to tell you when the extension has been correctly installed before restarting the browser, so as not to interrupt the download. When that happens, you’ll see a new shortcut button on the top-right. Also from there you can activate or deactivate it.

All applications, applications and content of the social network will remain available when you use this extension, you will simply have a simpler and more entertaining way of accessing them, and you will be the envy of the office or your friends when they see on your screen this new Facebook design!

What if I just want to change the color?

If you prefer to keep the conventional design but modify the color palette is there are also extensions that can help you. You can do a simple search in the Store to find changes in color and theme, and choose from the available options.

A very popular is the FB Color Changer, also free installation and with the same procedure as above. You can choose a main color for the appearance of your profile using a palette or defining a specific tone, for example, the institutional of your company.

Although it is great to customize your screen, keep in mind that with this option you will not be able to modify the tone of the upper toolbar of the social network.

These two free extensions will allow you to change the design of Facebook easily without spending even a coin. Customize it to your liking!

“With these extensions you can change the entire layout, as well as access the main sections easily.”

10 exercises for training the Brain

Train your memory and brain with these games and easy-to-do exercises. They are a good mental training for any time of the day. Read this note and know them!


Brain Training with Games and Exercises

There are many ways to train the brain to streamline its function and fill it with vitality, and it is much easier than you think.

First, we need to talk about two key issues: sleep and hydration. The power to improve memory also will do its part; however, these two factors are often underestimated when it comes to training for the brain.

This extremely important organ has a high water composition, so drinking pure, fresh liquid and free of artificial aggregates is essential. At least 2 liters per day is enough to activate the functions and promote a better state of mind.

On the other hand, the dream is fundamental. While we sleep our body carries out many of its repair processes. The mind manages to fix concepts and memories, to cleanse the “garbage” of the day (including the emotional), and to have the necessary rest to begin the next morning with new energy. Try to sleep 7 to 8 hours each night, if possible in total darkness, and add a nap in the day if you need it, not to exceed 20 minutes.

10 tips to train your memory and brain

Integrate these mental exercises and activities to speed up the brain without even noticing it:

“One of the best brain training exercises is to challenge him to improve his ability. Learn a new language, some memory poems, or a new skill.”

  1. Rejoice!Being optimistic, thinking positive and smiling at life is not just for your mood, it also helps in the functioning of cognitive processes, and improves your attention and ability to reason.Besides, there is no more satisfactory task!
  2. Farewell to the TV. Reserve your time in front of the screen for when you want to enjoy a nice movie, or to see any documentary you are going to pay attention to.Do not lie in front of the TV just because, or while you think of other things: this only confuses the thought patterns and slows down your efficiency.
  3. Learn. One of the bestbrain trainingexercises is to challenge him to improve his ability. Learn a new language, some memory poems, or a new skill that puts those gears spinning.
  4. Write by hand. It has been shown that handwriting has a strong stimulating effect on yourmental function, not to mention that it is a relaxing activity that helps you to set concepts and improve your coordination. Whether you copy the lyrics of your favorite song over and over or write in your personal diary put that pencil to work!
  5. Do something creative before going to sleep. It can be write in your personal diary, draw, paint, crochet, sing a little song in your mind or what you can do sitting or lying down.These are good mental workouts that will stimulate the right parts of your brain, relax your stress, forget the worries of the day and prepare you for a better rest.
  6. Doexercises. It can be something simple, like walking, biking, playing a game of tennis with a friend, or going to the gym for 30 minutes if you prefer.Exercising helps oxygenate your mind, changes your focus, and fills you with good hormones and natural energies, propitiating the way your head creates connections and works.
  7. Play with soups of letters. Soup, Sudokus, Tuti-Frutis and other games totrainyour brain for free are a fun way to speed up your mind. Here are some for your smartphone.
  8. Create lists.Choose a letter, if you want to at random, and mention no less than 10 words beginning with that letter, or name, or events related to a number.Take advantage of your “dead times”: for example, in the toilet, in the shower, or on the train on the way to work. You will improve your memory, accelerate your cognitive processes, and relax the mind, while doing a good mental training.
  9. Meditate. Meditation is a great way of relaxation that helps you achieve Mindfulness or Mindfulness.All you need to do is sit in a place of calm and silence, and breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, without focusing your attention on any thought or emotion, but recognizing them and letting them go.With some practice meditation will not only become easier every day, but it will also bring more benefits to your brain.
  10. Do one thing at a time. Start by putting all your focus and concentration on one task at a time.This will boost your performance andtrain you to work more efficiently in whatever you do.

With these 10 mental exercises it is to train your memory and brain you can improve its functioning, and even have greater well-being in the body, without medication!

“Writing by hand has a strong stimulating effect on your brain function, not to mention that it is a relaxing activity that helps you to set concepts and improve your coordination.”

Why is WhatsApp Statuses use for?

The emergence of Status in the application of messaging has surprised more than one. Know what they are and how to use them.


WhatsApp Status: What are they?

Prior to updating WhatsApp, the status were a simple (pre-set or user-created) phrase that accompanied your username on the platform. With them you could define yourself in an emotion, express prayers, lyrics, sympathetic concepts or whatever.

Although these phrases and static drawings still exist, they are added to the new Status, which are short videos, or also static photos or custom GIFs, and that will only be shown to your contacts for a lapse of 24 hours.

These appear to be inspired by the Stories of Instagram or the mechanics of the Snapchat: a lively, personalized, very short presentation that is only visible for a day from its publication.

How to use it?

To create a new state enter the application, go to the corresponding tab and touch the first option to create a new one. It will automatically activate the camera, either for photography or for filming, or also access your content gallery to use a photo, video, or a GIF you already have.

Once the file is chosen, you can customize the contents by placing emoji, typing, drawing or placing “stickers”. You can resize by separating or attaching two fingers on the screen simultaneously, and also tilt them by turning your fingers in one direction or another.

When you are happy with your creation, publish your state. Keep in mind that, once done, they will be in full view of your list of contacts automatically, so it is convenient not to present sensitive information, content that may hurt susceptibilities, or what you do not want your entire list can see.

Ideas to use as status in WhatsApp

To this section of the application you can use it for some of these ideas:

  • To tell something sensational that you are doing, in a special way and in a comprehensive diffusion
  • Pronounce yourself on special dates, such as celebrations or other
  • Say hello to someone you love or contact for your birthday, achievement or special occasion
  • Show how you are living a trip, a great football game or other events, almost as if it were live
  • Show your products or goods for sale, or your creations
  • Communicate important news in a very special way

Since the phrases to use as WhatsApp Status or any other content will be exposed to all your contacts (who wish to see them), consider not to abound, publishing only one per day for maximum impact, and communicating respectful, adequate information, and Of interest to all.

“As status you can put phrases, short videos, or also static photos or custom GIFs. They will only be shown to your contacts for a lapse of 24 hours.”

Tips for Charging the Battery Faster

Do you have little time and need to charge your mobile in a few minutes? Then keep these helpful tips in mind.

Uptodate Trend

How to charge the mobile faster

You fell asleep, you must leave the house, but first you need to charge the mobile fast. We can help you. Just consider these tips to make loads faster, more effective, and also some useful tips to optimize the use of your battery.

Optimizes battery usage

In a few minutes we’ll talk about how to charge the mobile faster and more efficiently. But before, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions to optimize the use of the battery, reducing the number of recharges.

A good tip is to turn off the applications that you are not using, from the configuration of your mobile or the app in question. Make sure to turn off, for example, maps, weather readers, GPS and even Wi-Fi if you’re going to be on the street, using data or offline for now. Your mobile will stop looking for signals, give you notifications and have activity and, therefore, reduce battery consumption.

He also uses the mobile efficiently. If you are taking photos or shooting, turn on the camera to capture, rather than keeping it on while chatting with someone or looking for your shot. Remember: every tool that you start up will be consuming battery, and you need to reduce the consumption!

Tips to charge the mobile faster

Some devices recommend charging only once the battery has been fully consumed, to optimize the action. But we know that no one wants to leave home with an 8% battery. In these cases, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use the right charger for your mobile phone and not a generic or other brand
  • Use a “wall” charger whenever you can, and leave the USB charges only for cases of need
  • Turn off communications: if you put your phone in airplane mode you will reduce battery consumption, and thus recharge faster
  • Turn off apps to avoid battery consumption while charging
  • Consider turning off your mobile during charges for which you have only a few minutes.
  • Take the mobile out of its case, and remove the casing that covers the battery.Thus, the mobile will have less temperature and will optimize the recharge, besides taking care of the battery and the equipment in the long term.

“Remember: every tool that you start up will be consuming battery, and you need to reduce the consumption!”

Portable chargers

Let’s talk a few minutes about the portable chargers. These are small devices that are loaded and carried wherever you go, in the car, in your bag, or that you can leave in the locker of the gym, in your office or wherever. These gadgets can be useful when, despite having applied all these tips, your battery has been overdone, and you are waiting for that important call or you should drive home.

On the other hand, there are alternatives to keep in mind if you need to charge the battery away from home. In some cities, charging points have been implemented: cables and connectors of different devices available to citizens and free of charge. Also many stores, especially fast food stores, offer this service by promoting their sales. And, finally, consider carrying an extra charger in your bag, or one for the car that connects to the car’s USB port, or the cigarette lighter connector on the previous models. These can be extremely useful when you need to charge the mobile fast and on the fly, without disturbing you when taking them with you.

7 cto know if a Person is Fake

If you are looking for a way to detect fake people, then this note is just what you need. Pay attention to these signs and stay alert in all areas of your life.

How is a False Person?

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If we look at our past we will surely see that if we had only learned to know if a person is false, we would have avoided maltreatment, discomfort, perhaps discussions and even losses. These beings are everywhere: at work, at school, at the gym, and sometimes even within our own social and family circles, or even can be our “Friends. “Therefore, learning some effective ways to detect them can save us those bad” investments “of our time.

Pay attention to the following behaviors to identify false people, sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious, and take them into account in all your relationships.

7 signs to recognize a false person

It is well known that in the workplace often intentions are somewhat hidden, and that we cannot blindly trust others: it is a race we all want to win. But you may also notice these behaviors in people from other areas, where the falsehood has no intention of professional advancement but responds to a personal question. Pay attention to these signals and then do a deeper analysis:

  1. Confrontation: Genuine people generally pay attention to the point of view of others, and may or may not agree.In all cases, they will clearly state their position.On the other hand, false people rarely disagree (or, at least, do not express themselves in such a way), and even when there are two opposing views in the same conversation.
  2. Respect: Genuine beings may try to avoid contact with those who are not to their liking; however, they will act with respect to others, while false people only act with respect to those they consider to be powerful.That is to say, they act with disdain with the waiter who serves them the coffee, or with the apprentice of his office, but they are attentive with their supervisor, and even change their approach when the chief arrives.
  3. The need for attention: Genuine people do not seek to please everyone or, in such a case, do not take great pains to pretend to be “friends of all”.False people, on the other hand, try to please everyone present, even if after the meeting they speak ill of those same people whom they tried to please in the beginning.In addition, in any area they will do their best to attract attention, either speaking in a slightly louder voice than necessary, laughing out loud, or in any way.
  4. Vanity: False people often boast about everything they are, what they have and what they achieve (large or small), and they comment on a story in which they are always the protagonists of the story.Even when they speak of something happened to another person, they relate the facts in a way in which everything has been thanks to them.

“The false person acts with disdain with the waiter who serves them the coffee, but is attentive to his supervisor, and even changes his focus when the boss arrives.”

  1. Talking: Genuine people, as we have seen, are often expressed clearly, whether in pleasure or dislike, while the false ones tend to try to please everyone, and as soon as the meeting ends, they take the opportunity to speak ill of the absent.
  2. Promises: An easy way to tell if a person is false is to pay attention to his words, especially when they speak with a view to the future: while the genuine can present projects and plans, the false ones generally focus only on the Plans, in the goals they promise to fulfill, and perhaps somewhat exaggerated.A clear example is that of political campaigns at election times: while a “genuine” candidate will propose a 1% economic growth target in one season, the false promise of 10% growth at the same time, an impossible promise To fulfill, with total disregard for the value of his own promise.
  3. Generosity: Finally, another way to recognize the false people is to pay attention to their acts of solidarity, generosity and kindness.Just as the phony does not work hard to treat those he considers “beneath” with respect, he will not be generous to others unless he has a hidden agenda.”I help you in what you ask of me, but after you help me with this work report.”

Pay attention to these behaviors and, analyze what the true intentions of that colleague or that co-worker. Knowing how to deal with fake people can be simpler than you think, just by analyzing your behaviors in each area of ​​interaction.

“False people seek to please all those present, even if after the meeting they speak ill of those same people whom they tried to please in the beginning.”