Facebook Messenger will include advertising

The social network seeks to increase its revenue with more ads


Facebook will allow the insertion of commercials on the homepage of its Messenger instant messaging service, the group said Tuesday, in a new way for the network giant to further increase its advertising revenue.

After “promising” tests in Australia and Thailand, “Messenger advertising will be widespread,” the group said in a statement, pointing out that 1.2 billion people regularly uses the service.

In particular, Facebook invites advertisers to create ads for the home page of the mobile Messenger application, which will allow them to reach more users.

Currently, advertisers can only reach Messenger users who are already in contact with them.

The company did not specify when the general public will begin to see these advertisements.

The announcement comes as Facebook looks for new ways to further increase its share of the digital advertising market, which is the bulk of its revenue.

The social network reached the level of saturation: you have no more space to place new ads. That’s why we gave the option to open Messenger to advertisers.


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